1. Applicant must be an ancestry from an Asian Continent or a least 5% Asian ancestry in any continent, or from one of the Countries in the world. must between the ages of 16 to 35 years old.

2. Applicant must be single, of good moral character, never married, with no children and not pregnant during the pageant

3. Applicant must be talented, charming and with pleasing personality

1. American International Chamber of Commerce ( the “AICC”)., the Producer of Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant (the “Pageant”) reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or reject any applications from a prospective Delegate and to eliminate any Delegate from the Pageant at any time for any violation of the Rules and Regulations. Decisions of the Producer are final. Delegates will be provided with the contract and rules and regulations for the Queen or the Title Winner and Runners-Up at the Delegates’ Orientation. As a condition of participation in the Pageant, all Delegates must execute this contract prior to the Pageant. Any Delegate that fails to execute this contract, or otherwise fails to fulfill her obligations under the Rules and Regulations, will be eliminated from the Pageant.

2. Delegates will be judged according to physical beauty, intelligence, poise and personality. Delegates will compete and be judged in Photos, Resume, Evening Gown and Personality Interview categories. Each category is weighted equally in the scoring.

3. Delegates will be responsible for pay their own airfare tickets and hotel for join the Miss Asia international events in host city. All advertisements must be approved by AICC. And full application payment must be received before 45 days of Pageant Date. Delegates must provide AICC, With a short written personality profile and 3 or more photographs to be included in the Miss Asia International official website or Pageant Magazine.

4. Delegates are responsible for their own required wardrobe to be worn during the Pageant. The required wardrobes are:

(i) evening gown; and (ii) Or national Costume;and (iii) swimsuits. All wardrobes must comply with the Miss Asia International wardrobe guidelines. These guidelines will be announced during the Delegates’ Orientation.

5. Delegates are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations following the event schedule and on the day of the Miss Asia International event.

6. Delegates must be present during the Presentation of Delegates and the Swimsuit Pictorial. Delegates must participate in the pageant events on Date of Pageant, The Delegates must arrive at the assigned event venue on time. Delegates must prepare their hair and make-up in the rooms. Delegates must not bring or invite anyone else inside the dressing room.

7. AICC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property of the Delegates, their friends or families.

8. Queen or the Title Winner and other two or three winners will be chosen at the Pageant event on the United States or other country. All the winners will receive the Miss Asia International Crown and returns the Crown and Sash after the event on same day. AICC reserves the right to distribute the prizes any time within twelve (12) months from the Pageant day. All prizes are provided to AICC by sponsors of the Pageant event and are subject to any conditions and restrictions imposed by such sponsor. Except for sashes, if any sponsor elects, in their sole discretion, to cancel or modify the prizes they have agreed to provide, then the winners’ prizes will be so cancelled or modified. AICC including its employees and sponsors and agents, shall not be held responsible or liable for modified or cancelled prizes or any other actions by the sponsors or the grantor of these prizes.

9. The Queen or the Title Winner will reign for one year, during which if she participate in any other pageant, or any similar events first obtaining the express written consent of AICC. The Queen or the Title Winner and all Runners-Up must strictly comply with the Contract and Rules and Regulations. Failure to comply will result in dethronement. If a Winner is dethroned or choose not to continue her reign, all prizes, including crown, sash and trophy, must be immediately returned in the same condition as it was when received. If any Delegate or the winners disparages, defames, libels or slanders the Pageant, AICC including its employees and agents, any sponsors, contractors, any judge, advertisers, committee members or any volunteers, then such Delegate shall be eliminated from the Pageant or dethroned and stripped of her title and prizes, as the case may be. AICC is the trademark holder and owner of the title Miss Asia International and reserves and retains all rights, title and interest therein. Use of the title of Miss Asia International is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of AICC. If at any time during her reign the queen is unable to fully perform her duties, she is subject to dethronement. Should the Queen or the Title Winner be dethroned or if she relinquishes her title before the end of her reign, all prizes, including crown, sash and trophy must be returned to the AICC within ten (10) days in the same condition it was given to her.

10. All tabulation results, including all judges’ scoring sheets, are the property of AICC. All tabulation results, including judges’ scoring sheets, are proprietary trade secrets and are strictly confidential. The final results are not subject to challenge and all Delegates, including any of their representatives, hereby voluntarily waive any right to challenge or otherwise contest the results of the Pageant. Any questions regarding to the scoring system must be raised at least one week prior to the Pageant.

11.Neither AICC and its employees and agents, nor any promoters, entertainers, judges, staff, volunteers, advertisers and Sponsors of Miss Asia International shall not be liable for any sickness, injury or accidents suffered by any Delegate or her accompanying parties before, during and after any events or rehearsal in connection with the Pageant. Delegates are required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement with AICC and Miss Asia International. Delegates who fail to sign this Hold Harmless Agreement will be eliminated from the Pageant.

12. All applications must be accompanied by: 1) $150.00 non-refundable application entry fee; 2) sponsorship fee $500.USD; 3) Three 5X7 Professional Photographs ; 4) One copy of resume; 5) a signed copy of completed application; and 6) a signed copy of the Rules and Regulations. 7) Passport or Driver License or Photo ID copy. All payments are payable to AICC or Miss Asia International. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

13. AICC reserves the right to amend or supplement the Rules and Regulations at any time. Written notice of such changes shall be provided to the Delegates.
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* Miss Asia International reserves the right to amend or supplement the Rules and Regulations at any time.