Jena Mafnas Serrano – Delegate

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Rochelle Lozano, Princess of Polynesia 05

Jena Mafnas Serrano: Miss Asia International Ambassador, The Queen Of Asia Pacific, Jena represents sunny San Diego. A native Southern CA girl Jena is a junior in high school, model, performer, aspiring actress and professional Polynesian Dancer. She is part Filipino, Hawaiian, Guamanian, Chinese . She believes in strong family ties and community service to her Pacific Islander, Asian and Polynesian cultures. Jena is very active with her Catholic church and enjoys mentoring special needs and autistic students at her high school. She is also a sports medic and manager for her football team and will continue her education in sports medicine. Her passions are fashion, dance, travel, community service and outreach. A Polynesian dancer since age 2, Jena has performed and competed throughout CA, Las Vegas, Hawaii and was invited to spend the summer of 2015 performing in Tahiti for their annual Heiva.