Business & Tourist Visa

The B1 visa is intended for temporary business travel, including travel for negotiating contracts, attending exhibitions and conferences, short-term training, and consultations with suppliers and customers, etc. The B2 visa is intended for tourist activities, such as sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, obtaining medical treatment, etc. The B1 and B2 visa is not valid for employment in the United States.

Applicants for B1 and B2 visas must demonstrate their intention to enter the U.S. for a temporary period, solely for the purpose of tourism and/or short-term business.

Applicants must also demonstrate sufficient funds to cover travel expenses during their stay in the U.S.; as well as sufficient social, economic, and other ties to their home country to compel the applicant to return after a temporary and lawful visit.

All B1/B2 applicants should prepare to present the following documentation and any other relevant information at the time of the interview:

Valid Passport: If your passport will expire less than 6 months from your planned arrival in the United States, is damaged, or you do not have a page for a visa, please get a new passport before your interview.

The DS-160 application form confirmation page, with your name, home address, company name and company address written in your form. When printing out your confirmation page, please set “page layout” to “portrait”. Please bring the printed, not the faxed confirmation page to your interview. Please click here for an example.

One photograph: Two inches square (51mm x 51mm) color photograph, less than 6 months old, against a white background, full frontal view. Click for more information on photo requirements. Please use scotch tape to stick your photo on front cover of your passport.

Original Bank Receipt for Application Fee: The application fee paid at Bank. Please glue or tape the application fee receipt onto the bottom of DS-160 form confirmation page.

Passports containing all previous U.S. visas, even if expired.

Evidence of Why You Will Return to your country: Proof of economic, social, family, or other commitments that will help demonstrate that you intend to return to your country after a temporary stay in the U.S. Evidence can vary depending on the applicant’s personal situation. The following are mere suggestions that may help the officer to assess your intentions to return to your country and is not an exhaustive list of what applicants should present at their interview: Registration, ID card, proof of employment, pay statement that shows regular monthly salary, bank books with regular deposits and withdrawals.

Invitation Letter: If you are invited to visit someone in the United States, provide information about who is inviting you, purpose of travel, and planned itinerary or schedule. No invitation letter is needed if you are only sightseeing in the United States.

Proof of Finances: Proof that you can support yourself during your entire stay in the U.S. without working, e.g. pay statement that shows regular monthly salary & bank books with regular history of deposits and withdrawals, etc. (Please note that certificates of deposit are NOT helpful).

If Traveling for Business: bring specific information about where you will go, who you will meet, what you will discuss, and what products you plan to buy in the United States. The following documents may be helpful: detailed letters from U.S. business partners indicating the purpose of the trip; copies of contracts or other agreements with U.S. business partners; and information on machines, software or other equipment to be examined, tested or purchased in the United Sates, such as brochures or product catalogues, etc. Please include your resume/CV.

The above items should not be considered an exhaustive list and presentation of these documents does not guarantee visa issuance. Be prepared to explain to the visa officer and present evidence regarding why you are going to the US and why you will return to your country.