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Holmes Stoner , Chairman

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Jason Quin , Executive Chairman

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Charles Dong , General Planner

I support and admire young Asian women to discover and display the beauty and wisdom of Asian women through Miss Asia International Pageant, and to show the charm of Asian women.

Cathlyn Choi , Judge 2018

The biggest Asian beauty pageant in Hollywood is the real stage for young girls to realize their dreams

Craig Shah , Judge 2018

This is the biggest Asian beauty pageant I have ever seen. The top Asian beauty pageant will set the stage for all outstanding contestants to achieve their dreams

Kurt Glasgow , Judge 2018

As the most authoritative Asian beauty contest in the world, Miss Asia International Pageant is the best stage for you to show your beauty, talent and wisdom.

Micah Fitzgerald , Judge 2018

All members interested in serving at the Miss Asia International beauty pageant are welcome to contact our office about joining committees. You are welcome to join us for the pageant. Sponsorship opportunities are available for Miss Asia International Pageant, the great beauty pageant event to represent your business on behalf of the sponsors – an ideal way to promote and expand awareness of your company and products or services.

Jun Chen , Judge 2019

I am proud to join the creative team of Miss Asia International and try my best to be the best.

Muyi Peng , Judge 2019

Miss Asia International Pageant contestants in the music, dance, performance of the outstanding talent, I was moved. This is the world’s top Asia beauty pageant!

Oleg Astakhov , Judge 2018