Become a Director of Country or Region of Miss Asia International

Welcome join to Miss Asia International

We really appreciate all and very much looking forward to expanding all the organization to be a sponsor of Miss Asia International beauty pageant. And welcome to join an advisory council to Miss Asia International Committee.

NOTE: There are openings for national directors for those country not currently participating with Miss Asia International . Please contact our offices for more information if interested in spearheading a country organization.

Advisory Council (by Executive Board of Committee approval only)

How Be Come A Director of Country or Region of Miss Asia International

Requirements and Expectations:

Prior to applying to the Advisory Council: Must have attended at least one Miss Asia International beauty pageant ageant prior to applying

Once you are appointed to the Advisory Council:

1) Must pay entry fee is $1500 dues as set by the Executive Board, and paid the annual fee to Miss Asia International.
2) Must attend a minimum of one meeting of the Board of Directors per year (mid-year or the annual meeting at the Pageant/unless otherwise attending to Pageant business during the scheduled meeting time). Attendance at both meetings is strongly encouraged.
3) Assist in the planning and production of the Miss Asia International Pageant.
4) May or may not be involved with their country pageant.
5) May vote their country’s proxy if said proxy is assigned to them.
6) Understand, sponsor to the Advisory Council is determined annually by the Executive Board and is based on performance and interest in the Miss Asia International organization.
7)At least three qualified contestants are recommended to Miss Asia International each year
8) An annual fee $2500.USD request.

If you have any further questions or would like the opportunity to offer to you or your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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