Only a handful of agency owners actually sit on the booking board daily, plugging away in the trenches for their models. But MAIP does this and this is an important factor. Even fewer agencies have relationships that go back a decade with some of the most influential power contestants in the industry and again MAIP has this in spades. Add to that the ruthless drive and ambition of a booking table packed with killer agents like Susan Domingo and what you have is a beauty pageant pulsing with dream ambition. Decisions have been made by this Miss Asia International and their agency over thirty years that have posted spectacular results. From runway to editorials to campaigns, the new generation of modeling’s most valuable contestants.




Katrina Yu 11302020 150x150
Katrina Yu, USA

Stage Manager 2019, Angent

Jing Wan 12072020
Jing Wan USA

Art Director 2019, Angent

Angela Sheng, USA

General Director 2018, Angent

Julia Ping Shen, USA

Judge 2019, Angent

Tina Shih, USA

Modeling Etiquette Director 2018, Angent

Wendy Lau, China

Talent Agency, CEO 2018, Angent

Mindy Li 12072020
Mindy Li, USA

Art Director 2019, Angent