Shelley Sykes, JUDGE


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Shelley Sykes
Judge, Miss Asia International

Shelley Sykes is a fun loving, optimist who manages to turn any tragedy and turmoil of life into blessings and lessons.  An eternal Poly-Anna.  She loves to dance daily…a bit of a Rappin Mama, with RnB – Pop as her music of choice.  Listen to her Get Syked Music Mix 1 Album.

She loves fashion, style, music, travel, and nature.  Yet she can get down and dirty with tiling, plastering, and painting when the need arises.

A big believer in Ancient Aliens and ancient cultures, Shelley is fascinated with technology and the paranormal sciences.  The magic of manifestation has always been a possibility in her life.

Shelley has a special needs son who was born blind and the doctors said he would never see and walk.  Now a young adult who has defied all the medics and has been able to see since he was 8 years old and walk freely since he was 9.  Her award-winning Biography ‘Callum’s Cure is a true inspiration’ says Duchess Sarah Fergeson and ‘a Must Read’ says Tony Robbins.  Magic and miracles are always present.  In fact in Malibu wild deer sleep under Shelley’s window and bring their baby deer to drink out of her koi pond.  A true Disney Princess!

Anything is possible in Shelley’s world. As a young girl, she was bullied for having different colored eyes and being at the bottom of the class.  Yet eventually with persistence, she majored in the sciences and got 3 A levels and 12 O level grades.

Now, she is a British born Australian Author, Speaker & Entertainment Personality – Syking people up with her keynotes. She is also working in the United States producing, directing & hosting Lifestyle TV Shows – and inspiring audiences with her Get Syked TV show guests.  Shelley works with her team of media specialists to create glamorous and informative shows for a global audience. Her passions for learning about people’s Cultures, Customs, Cuisine are the focus of her TBA TV Shows.

‘It’s fun being a voice-over artist, interview Syked Up celebrities or people with a passion’ says Shelley.

Shelley’s experiences in media and as a professional speaker have spanned 5 continents & it helps when she speaks several languages. Luckily; she has traveled to over 120 countries educating, entertaining and or interviewing people such as Nelson Mandela, His Highness 14th Dalai Lama – Tenzin Gyatso, European Royalty and currently the rich and famous. Her colorful & charismatic personality makes her an ideal Host and creative content producer.

‘Callum’s Cure‘ Shelley’s autobiography is optioned to be made into a movie.

Confident and definitely a happy person, Travel, IT, Fashion, Beauty, Music, and Media gives her great insights. She is a wonderful storyteller. Singing her own songs to communicate her inspirational messages of endless possibilities; for those that prefer music to that of reading books. This is the reason why she’s one of the most sought-after Voices, Speakers & Entertainers.

Happy Charity

Shelley started helping hospitals & charities in 1992 with fundraisers for babies in incubators. Families raising sick kids; like herself, inspired her to help. Her own son Rory had been born blind with brain damage; after she was in a serious car accident, whilst pregnant.  Raising a sick child is heart-wrenching. In 2005 Shelley Sykes Founded the Happy Charity formerly, the 2b1 Charity Foundation.  It is run by volunteers and Happiness Ambassadors so that 100% Funds raised helps the children & families with cerebral palsy and those families and children in need of health, hope and happiness. Celebrating Global Happiness Day – the charities fundraiser helps kids in over 200 countries and islands.  Honorees included the Miss Earth Happiness Princesses and Edward de Bono in its first celebratory year and all the funds raised went to the Sydney Children’s hospital.