The 35th Annual Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant Ended Successfully, by maip2019

Los Angeles, CA, Dec 19 – Tonight, The 35th annual Miss Asia International beauty pageant came to a successful end in Los Angeles,  from the world’s beautiful 20 beauties, on the stage to show the beautiful and moving wind and soft and smart talent, so that the judges are excited and proud of this outstanding contestant.

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The 34th Miss Asia International Global Final Los Angeles ended successfully by MAIP

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29-  The global finale of the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant were held on December 19 at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles, featuring 16 finalists who had emerged from months of fierce competition. During the event, the finalists showcased their talents, fashion sense, and cultural charm on stage, demonstrating their appreciation for life, their vision for the future, and their commitment to humanitarian causes.

The competition was organized by the American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC), Co-sponsor by Uplive  M3 JMK and Keppi,  With over 300 million users across 150 countries, Uplive served as the exclusive online live broadcast and voting platform for the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant. The competition saw participation from over 3,000 contestants who auditioned and competed in preliminaries on Uplive.

The 16 finalists, hailing from various Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Malaysia, were selected through this process. For the finals, Uplive also provided online voting support, utilizing technology to eliminate geographical boundaries and allow a global audience to participate and vote for their favorite contestants from their mobile phones.

One of the closet sponsors include Hekka, an online marketplace that features a broad range of products and is emerging as a leader in the consumer electronics and the real-time fashion industry. The contestants walked the stage in Hekka’s trendy swimwear, evoking a summer beach atmosphere. Keppi’s popular streetwear also added to the fashionable city vibe of the event. The duet of well-known musician Liu Liangzi and American rapper and Uplive broadcaster Chris La Vrar was met with thunderous applause from the audience. The diverse range of sponsors and partners contributed to the success and excitement of the event.

Aside from beauty and fashion, the contest also seeks to promote the empowerment of women. The 16 finalists were asked about a range of topics that were of concern to global audiences, including their views on climate change, what changes they would make if women ruled the world, and how to stop wars. The contestants responded eloquently, showcasing their intelligence and commitment to advancing beauty and wisdom, caring for all mankind, and working towards a better world. One contestant, Miss Cathleen Zhang, particularly resonated with the audience, eliciting bursts of heartfelt applause with her response. These questions demonstrate the purpose of the competition, which is to promote not just physical beauty, but also inner beauty and a desire to make positive contributions to society.

The high caliber of the contestants, stunning guest performances, lovely music, and dazzling lights and beautiful dance performances made the event a captivating cultural feast. The 400 attendees in the venue called it magnificent and exhilarating. The global audience watching the online live broadcast on app was enthralled by the spectacle, with applause emoji filling the screen.

The judges of the 34th Miss Asia International Pageant included well-respected figures from the fashion, entertainment, and music industries, such as top Hollywood designer Merlin Castle, Miss Universe Canada Amelia Tu, Emmy judge Victor Migalchan, and Hollywood producer Patrick Neal. The event garnered significant attention from media journalists, who gathered along the red carpet to cover the festivity. In an interview with the media, ASIG US CEO Christine Xuemphasized ASIG’s commitment to ESG values. “Our goal is to improve the lives of everyone by providing jobs and a platform for diverse individuals to showcase their talents, connecting creators with a global audience. Hosting the Miss Asia beauty pageant allows people to appreciate the rich and colorful Asian culture and enjoy the convenience brought by our flagship product Uplive to global audiences. Participants in the pageant will have the opportunity to gain exposure and experience in the show business and fashion industry, including the possibility of becoming brand ambassadors, performing with celebrities, and modeling for advertisements.” said Mrs. Xu.

Miss Selina Dai was crowned the champion of the Miss Asian pageant, winning a $1,000 prize and a 2-carat diamond ring from PJ Jewelry. The runner-up was Miss Belle Bao, who received a $600 prize and a 1-carat diamond ring, and Miss Yutong Zhang placed third, earning a $300 prize and a 0.5-carat diamond ring. In addition to their prizes, the winners also received sportswear and evening gown provided by Keppi, and swimwear from Hekka. As part of their rewards, the winners will have the opportunity to participate in charity activities and represent various brands, including Keppi, for which Miss Vanessa Phyakeo, the winner of the Miss Asia Most Charming Award, will serve as an ambassador.

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The Miss Asia International Global Finals in Los Angeles will be held on Dec 19th, 2021 by MAIP

Los Angeles, CA, Nov 20 – Today, The Miss Asia International Pageant Committee announced in the press conference in Los Angeles, the 33rd Golden Girl Awards of Miss Asia International Global Finals will be held on December 19 at the Pacific Palm Hotel in Los Angeles.

“This year around the world while still faces the new challenge of COVID-19 pandemics, beauty to take part in the Miss Asia International beauty pageant enthusiasm unabated, since the beginning of more than 2300 have audition and semi-finals, region semi-final, and various forms of activities for the event, there are 60 contestants eventually through the preliminary selection of selection into the finals, The finalists will be selected for the final round,” said Holmes Stoner, Chairman of the Miss Asia International Pageant Committee.

“Despite the novel COVID-19 pandemic this year, the enthusiasm of contestants from all over the world to participate in the Miss Asia International continues unabated. We are looking forward to their excellent performance in the finals.The Miss Asia International Committee will hold the Golden Girl Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on December 19th, 2021. I wish the finals a complete success” Jason Quin, Executive Chairman of the Miss Asia International said in a video address.

“By order of Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles, as well as venue restrictions, In light of novel COVID-19 pandemic trends, the Miss Asia International Global Finals in Los Angeles will will follow the city of Los Angeles’ new vaccination and mask guidelines. We’ve invested a lot of money, a lot of people and a lot of things,I’m sure it’s going to be another fantastic event.” said Charles Dong, Chief Event Planner.

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2021第三十三届世界亚裔小姐选美大赛全球总决赛新闻发布会在洛杉矶隆重举行 by maip2019

第三十三届世界亚裔小姐(Miss Asia International )选美全球总决赛新闻发布会11月20日在洛杉矶美国汉天卫视演播大厅隆重举行。出席活动的有出品方、美国国际商会(AICC)主席霍姆斯·斯托纳(Holmes Stoner)、本次活动主办方美国南加州华人经贸文化协会创会会长黄冬平(DongPing Huang)、联合主办方美国全美电视台总经理查尔斯董(Charles Dong)、协办方JMK&M3模特学院CEO沈萍、並非摄影创办人SamFu。担任活动主持由独家承办方UTV传媒创始人子涵(Ivy Geng)及南加州洛杉矶著名中英双语主持人白龙(Sky Patterson)担纲。

橙县政府第三区办公室外展负责人、橙县监察长唐瓦格纳(Don Wagner)先生助理萨加·康罗伊(Saga Conroy)发来视频祝贺;民选官员代表西柯维纳市市长吴桐淮、圣盖博市市长廖钦和先后给世界亚裔小姐大赛及AFF亚洲电影节金钻奖颁奖典礼颁发贺状。美国国际商会韩国分会会长詹姆斯何(James Huh)也专程从首尔赴洛杉矶出席了本次活动。




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新闻报道:2021年第三十三届世界亚裔小姐选美全球总决赛洛杉矶新闻发布会成功举办 by MAIP

洛杉矶11月20日讯, 第三十三届世界亚裔小姐选美全球总决赛新闻发布会暨第三届亚洲电影节金钻奖颁奖盛典新闻发布会在洛杉矶美国汉天卫视演播大厅隆重举行。出席活动的有出品方、美国国际商会(AICC)主席霍姆斯·斯托纳(Holmes Stoner)、本次活动主办方美国南加州华人经贸文化协会创会会长黄冬平、联合主办方美国全美电视台总经理查尔斯(Charles Dong)、协办方JMK&M3模特学院CEO沈萍、並非摄影创办人SamFu。担任活动主持由独家承办方UTV传媒创始人子涵及南加州著名双语主持人白龙担纲。

出席发布会的嘉宾有西柯维纳市市长吴桐淮、圣盖博市市长廖钦和,美国汉天传媒产业集团董事长李冀,赞助方代表Pinnacle地产 资深合伙人幕宇博、美国体能科技创始人严辉博士,美国加州会长以及选美大赛部分评委Shelley Sykes、Sandra Coasta、洛杉矶儿童时装周导演Raven Wilson、亚太杰出女性联合会美国加州会长王艺橘女士等好莱坞影视界、时尚界的来宾超过百人参加。橙县政府第三区办公室外展负责人, 橙县监察长Don Wagner先生助理Saga Conroy发来视频祝贺;民选官员代表西柯维纳市市长吴桐淮、圣盖博市市长廖钦和先后给大赛主办方和承办方颁发贺状!美国国际商会执行主席、世界亚裔小姐选美大赛执行主席秦嘉豪(Jason Quin)通过视频发表了致辞。

新闻发布会前,有全球知名品牌Pol Atteu Custom Couture赞助的晚礼服表演作为开场秀和Masaki Matsuka 时尚潮服压轴秀, 在JMK模特传媒学院院长Mindy Li和副院长琳琳 Gaga,CEO Julie Shen 三位导师精心编排指导之下,JMK学生们把晚装和潮服演绎出了高贵大气的时尚之风,惊艳四座,掌声雷鸣,把所有的目光都吸引到新闻发布会的现场,并将在总决赛和颁奖盛典的晚宴上有更加盛大辉煌的表演。





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